Human Factors (OPS 0010)

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Human Factors (OPS 0010)

Most aircraft accidents are linked to deficiencies in human performance. These deficiencies may involve a variety of factors. The factors include poor lookout, situation awareness (SA), decision-making, task organisation, communication, failure to recognise threats to safety and the commission of errors.

Human Factors are often perceived as 'psychobabble' and the realm of the psychologists, rather than an extension of old-fashioned 'good airmanship'. Also, Human Factors have been associated more with multi-crew and airline operations, rather than sports aviation single-pilot activities. The intent of this document is to provide guidance on the incorporation of single-pilot Human Factors into glider flight operations.

The GFA acknowledges Graham Wardell of the Auckland Gliding Club N.Z for allowing the use his Human Factors material in the development of this manual.