Winch Launching Manual (OPS 0007)

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Winch Launching Manual (OPS 0007)

Winch launching is an effective and safe method of launching a glider, but it is less tolerant of gross pilot error than almost any other phase of a glider’s flight. In other words it is only safe if all the well-established principles and methods are closely followed.

This manual covers all aspects of winch launching, including basic techniques, pilot training and checking, winch driver training and checking, wire and other equipment standards, driver protection and all potential failure cases.

Auto (motor-car) launching is similar in principle to winch-launching and most of the procedures designed for winch-launching are directly applicable to auto-launching. Any divergence from winch practice will be found in a table of differences at the end of the manual.

Where the requirements of this document differ from those contained in the GFA Operational Regulations or other Legislative documents, the GFA Operational Regulations and other Legislative documents shall take precedence.