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GFA Operations Manual

Gliding in Australia is subject to the Civil Aviation Act 1988, Civil Aviation Regulations 1988 and Civil Aviation Safety Regulations 1998. Certain exemptions from the provisions of these Regulations have been granted to members of the GFA by way of Civil Aviation Orders 95.4 and 95.4.1. Where exemptions exist, the practices adopted by GFA are outlined in the GFA Operational Regulations approved by Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA).

This manual is in three parts,

  1. The GFA Operational Regulations;
  2. The Manual of Standard Procedures, Part 2, Operations, a document approved by the GFA Board specifying the normal operational procedures of the Federation and comprising a distillation of many years of operating experience; and 
  3. A copy of Civil Aviation Orders (CAO) 95.4 and 95.4.1, the Order under which GFA exercises specified exemptions from the Civil Aviation Regulations (CARs).